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Mission Statement

The mission of Tennenbaum Technology High School is to create 21st century learners ready for college success through individualized student-centered instruction that makes academics both personal and relevant for every student. To do this, we will use the Blended Learning for Alliance School Transformation (BLAST) model that incorporates distance learning, digital content, online courses and interactive tools while leveraging human capital.

Core Values:
As part of the small high-performance model shared by all Alliance schools, Tennenbaum Technology is committed to the following core values:
• High expectations for all students
• Small and personalized school and classrooms
• Increased instructional time
• Highly qualified principals and teachers
• Parents as partners

Features of the Instructional Program:
• Rigorous standards-based instruction
• A-G College-Prep, Advanced Placement Courses with an emphasis on math, science and technology
• Early college concurrent college course credits
• Students engaged as critical thinkers
• Blended use of technology with online and teacher led instruction and assessment
• i3 college-level technology science projects
• Accelerated individual learning for underachievers
• One laptop per student in every classroom
• Teacher and faculty use of technology as an instruction tool